USB Cord Differences

There are many different types of usb cords all with various types of sizes and shapes. Everyone has its uses, but all of them are USB cords nonetheless. I am here to help you figure out which cord you may have or need. That way you are able to tell the difference between them.


USB A being the most common, you will see these on most things from computers, to tvs, dvd players to gaming consoles.


USB B is less common you will mainly find these on printers, scanners or all in one devices.


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Beginning to become the industry standard. This cord is slowly replacing all other forms of usb cords. As it can transfer data faster, and is able to handle a larger charge on its cord. Which for example could allow you to power a larger device such as a laptop with USB C, much like your phone. With this standard if both phones have USB C you can charge one phone which is about to die with another phone which has more battery life left.

USB Micro

More commonly used in portable hard drives or older Android smart phones. This plug is used to power your phone as well as transfer data to your computer, from your phone or hard drive.

USB Mini

Usually reserved for smaller electronics, but was commonly used by PS3 for their controllers to charge them. Quite a few dash cams and car gps systems use them for power as well.