Power Supplies And You!

In this section Power Supplies and You, it will be a short one. With power supplies there is not much to talk about. Do you want a modular one where you only plug the cords you need into it and have less cords coming out of it? Or do you just go with one that has all of the cords coming out of it and just zip tie the rest aside that you do not need. Either way proper cable management will help with air flow in your case.?

The other major thing to consider is size. I do not mean the dimensions, I am talking about how many watts it can put out. For most people I would recommend a 500 Watt power supply. But if you have more than two hard drives, or a video card. I would recommend a 750 Watt. If you have a lot of hard drives or a high end video card, I might even say stretch you budget and spring for a 1000 Watt power supply. It might be overkill but you want to protect your investment.