Password vs Passphrase

In this section I will be showing you the difference between Pasword vs Passphrase. Are you confused as to what each means? Are you familiar with password but not passphrase. I am here to help you out!

A password is something you use everyday. On your computer and on any site you log into. While some ask you to make sure you have an uppercase letter, something other than a number or letter and a number to help make it stronger. You may be tempted to create an easy password. Like this for instance.


That is easily guessed, and a computer program can easily guess your password.

A passphrase is basically what it sounds like. The differences in the two words are “word” and “phrase”.

Where with a password you just create a word for your password. A passphrase has you create a phrase. While also adding in a number and something other than a letter or number. Take this for example.


I added caps to the first letter of each word in the sentence. I added a colon at the end. And for the number I added a 0 at the end. It kind of resembles a face or a reaction to the sentence, for a small laugh.

These are usually longer than passwords, thus they are generally stronger than just passwords. So get creative and start protecting your computer and logins a bit better. But remember to keep it to something you will remember! Maybe you have changed your childs password so they can’t use the home computer. Think of something like this.


It keeps it fresh in your mind that the child was grounded for 2 hours. Of course you can put the capital wherever you want in the sentence. You don’t need it at the start of each word. I only added it there for simplicity.

Get creative, have fun and stay safe!