How to stop programs from loading with windows

In this section I will let you know how to stop programs from loading with windows. Have you ever had a number of programs start when you log on to windows? Each one increasing the time it takes to load into your computer. Then after all of them load you have to close the unwanted programs? Which in turn adds more time before you can actually USE your computer! You may have even tried to look in those programs settings to find a way to not allow it to start with windows. But either you were unable to find it, or the program for whatever reason does not have that option!?



Well I am here to let you know that there is a solution! It may be a bit more complex that what you are used to, or you may have known about it but just needed a refresher on how to do it. But in this guide I will show you how you can accomplish this and in turn allow you to start using your computer faster on a regular basis!


Step One

Press and hold the following keys on your keyboard all at the same time in this order.

Ctrl, Alt, Delete

A window will pop up, that is ok, that is supposed to happen. It will look like this.

Click Task Manager

You will return to your desktop and another window will appear. It will look like this.

Click on the button that says more details. It should expand and look like this.

Click on the tab at the top called Startup, it should look like this.

Under the section where you see Status, under it you will see many programs listed. And it will say enabled or disabled. You will want to right click the word enable on the program you want to change. It will look like this.

From there you will want to click disable, the word enabled will change to disabled. It should look like this.

From here your job is almost done. All you will need to do is click the x at the top right of the window. Then restart your computer to make sure that the program does not load with windows. If it does not, you have succeeded in your task. If not, look back at the steps and see what was missed.

If nothing was missed and it all looks like I have shown you. Yet the program still loads. The program may be overwriting the settings we changed and you would have to check the in program settings, or it may be a virus.

I am going to assume that you were successful and congratulate you on a job well done!