How to run Malwarebytes

In this section I will be showing you how to run Malwarebytes. With this program they have made it extremely easy to use over time. It can in partnership with your antivirus program, help protect your pc. It will self update every time you run the program as well. After opening the program you will be greeted with this screen.

Click scan now and the window will change to show you what it is doing!

It will show at the bottom left, what it is scanning. How many items it has scanned so far. How long this scan has taken. And if any threats have been found on the computer, identified as a red number. Luckily my computer so far has not had any threats identified. After the scan is done, the window will change again.

Looks like we are done! We had no threats detected. Now all that is left is to click the x button at the top right hand part of the window. You are done! Hopefully like me you will not have encountered any threats!