How to remove an installed program

In this section I will be showing you how to remove a program for your computer, also called uninstall. With this section I will be uninstalling a program I use often, and will be showing you how to run it in another section. So I thought I would take advantage of this opportunity, since that program needs a fresh install to properly show you how to run it.

For the first step click the windows icon in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

From there a window will pop up, don’t worry that is ok!

Click the cog wheel icon show above and a window will pop up.

In this window, click the button that says Apps.

The window should change to look like this!

You will want to scroll down until you have found the program you want to remove from your computer. For me the program is ccleaner. Once you have found it left click it one time, and it should look like this.

Left click the Uninstall button once and a small window will pop up. It will look like this.

It will warn you that you are about to uninstall that program. It will ask you if you are sure and if you are to click the new Uninstall button. And because Windows 10, is Windows 10. They really want to make sure that you are sure you know what you are doing. A new window pops up that covers your entire screen. It should look like this!

I took the image with my phone since it disables my screen shot abilities until an option is selected. On this screen, select yes and it should either automatically remove the program on it’s own. Or launch the programs own removal tool, to uninstall the program. If it launched its own tool, just follow the on screen prompts to uninstall it!

Congratulations! You are done!