How To Build Your Computer

With this section I will be helping you along as you hopefully learn how to pick the right parts for your new computer. Most of all remember that building a computer is fun, might offer some challenges. But overall is very rewarding. I will be assuming that you have some prior knowledge and are comfortable with basic terminology of computer parts, so you can learn how to build your computer. Hopefully by the end of this section you will have decided on which parts you want for your computer. Good luck with building a computer!

Feel free to pick which section you want, or start at the first one and work your way through the process with me. Either click on the section you want down below, or up above where you clicked to get to this page.

Differences between AMD and Intel CPUs


Differences Between DDR Ram Types

PCI Cards And Slots

Choosing The Right Motherboard For You

Power Supplies And You!

Choosing Your Case